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Ready to find the home of your dreams in East Grand Rapids Michigan? JH Realty would love to help you! 


In 2019, East Grand Rapids was named the “Best City to Live in Michigan” by USA Today and Wall Street. As of 2020, Niche rated East Grand Rapids #5 in “Best Places to Buy a House in Michigan”, #5 in “Best Suburb to Buy a House in Michigan”.

The booming City of Grand Rapids, Michigan is overflowing with history, gorgeous scenery, and a well-diverse population. You’re able to enjoy the big city and all the amenities it brings while also preserving a suburban rural feel.

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About East Grand Rapids, MI

The midwestern city flourishes with a healthy job market and affordable housing. Compared to its surrounding towns, East Grand Rapids cost of living is strikingly lower. In a 2017 study, the East Grand Rapids real estate market was rated as the top housing market nationwide and the home values have exponentially increased since. East Grand Rapids homes provide a great atmosphere to generally thrive in!


The city provides a scenic environment that is close to downtown Grand Rapids but is also its own establishment and rich suburb community. With the population of 11,642 residents, it is because of the city workers, flourishing businesses, strong school system, and residents that make East Grand Rapids the dashing community it is. 


EGR Homes For Sale

Grand Rapids is home to over 200,000 people making it the second largest city in the state of Michigan and one of the fastest growing communities. East Grand Rapids is it’s own small town within the busy metropolitan area that warms you it's great sense of community. The East Grand Rapids houses for sale are under great value. 


The highly rated school system of the city consists of East Grand Rapids Middle and High School, Wealthy Elementary School, Breton Downs Elementary School, and Lakeside Elementary. The East Grand Rapids education system is one of the top in the state of Michigan.


EGR - A Better Place To Live

The City of East Grand Rapids offers 10 parks for their residents to choose from. The Reeds Lake Trail, which wraps around Reeds Lake. This is a popular spot for runners and cyclists. The trail also links many of the parks together. Manhattan Park, the largest park in the city, provides several sporting courts and homely trails. Waterfront Park, which is one of the trails linked to Reeds Lake Trail. Hodenpyl Woods, which offers a plant identification trail. Remington Park, home of the Rusty Swaney Remington Park baseball field. And lastly, Griffiths Park, that is the perfect spot to sit, relax, and enjoy nature. There are many things to do from boating on Reeds Lake to going to Gaslight Village to enjoy an ice cream cone. 


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East Grand Rapids Homes For Sale

Why live in East Grand Rapids? East Grand Rapids Michigan homes provide a solid value and JH Realty can find you your dream house. JH Realty excels at their expertise of East Grand Rapids real estate. At JH Realty it is all about you, the client. The passion for East Grand Rapids real estate is channeled into a single focus on you, the client, and finding your perfect forever home. Our skillful team of professionals are dedicated to minimizing the stress and challenges that come along with searching and moving. They’re able to give you the best advice on how to sell your home or negotiate a good price for buying a new one. They’ll be able to accompany all of your rental needs, and much more!

Your home is where JH Realty’s heart is. 

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